We hold to heart the volumes of noted reviews reflecting our compassion for excellence. 

This is truly the best reward and we have many thanks to give to our valued clients.
Creative Sparks Nursing
Sharon Sparks RN
Creative Sparks Nursing

I traveled long-distance to Los Angeles for specialized back surgery.  Away from most family and friends, I relied on Sharon Sparks (and her nurses) for post-surgical care, which was wonderful: competent, calm, compassionate. . . and also, something more. The immediate aftermath of major surgery can be challenging – one of life’s dark experiences.   

Helen Keller, who knew challenge, wrote that we alone "decide what that darkness is, even without quite knowing the reasons for its being.  And then we must learn to let light enter.  When [challenges] are met with courage, they give out sparks of spiritual light.”  Along with competent, calm and compassionate care, Sharon brings light to her work.  With her help, Sharon's patients find courage, and experience those creative, healing sparks. 
May, 2012-   Gary Cohen, Boston, MA

"We appreciate your efforts and professionalism in helping us these last several months". RS, Los Angeles

"How can I express the words of gratitude in having you with us during Mama's final days?  Your presence was such a loving comfort. You have a special gift and vocation directed by our Lord in your nursing care." S.M  Malibu, CA 

"So many thanks for professionalism and concern, above and beyond the call of duty...." F. B., Bel Air, CA